The Incredible Power of Our Hands

The Incredible Power of Our Hands


In Ayurveda (Indian medicine) as in Chinese medicine it is considered that the body is endowed with nadis also called meridians whose functioning serves to transport a more subtle energy through the physical body. Thus these energy channels lead to a harmonization of our physiological and psychic processes.

What is energy

Often we tend to say “I have no more energy” when we are tired. The word energy comes from the Greek enérgeia which means efficiency. It is also equated with action, strength, firmness and ability to work. In short, we all really need it and we must take great care of it to be healthy. These energy channels can be imagined as a network covering our body, just like the nervous system, except that it exists on a more subtle plane. Moreover, we cannot perceive them with our senses.

‘Yes Fred’ as our buddy Jamy would tell us… If Subtle Energy – E.S – of our body circulates well, the whole body is supplied as it should be and we are in great shape. Well in reality, we all have pains appearing according to life, don’t we? But let’s keep in mind that not being sick doesn’t mean we’re healthy.


Often to protect us, our body disconnects certain circuits to avoid unbearable pain or because we are no longer listening. I am sure we have all experienced this one day. As an example, let’s mention the “layer-tard”.

What happens? The tired body will send warning signals to the mind to express its need for rest.Yawns, tears, loss of concentration, decreased body temperature… If every night this need is revealed but we decide to ignore the signal then after a while, this signal will cease. We will then go to bed later. This does not mean that our body has taken this late sleep habit but rather that it has resigned itself to informing us of it. Then comes a moment after months, years, a problem arises. Very intense fatigue manifests itself or even internal problems related to vital organs appear without suspecting any direct link. Very often energy imbalances emerge through emotional disorders and or psychosomatic pain. Unfortunately allopathic doctors find no rational explanation for this. 
Well then will you tell me, the link with the hands it comes or not?We’re just coming to that.

Hasta mudra

The point of arrival and departure of these energy channels are essentially in our fingers – about 50% – the rest is at the level of our skull and toes. By maintaining positions with our fingers, we reactivate this E.S that acts as a drug. The body being an autonomous system that keeps itself in balance, so we can all act in prevention with the help of our hands. it was worth the wait huh, admit? It’s pretty amazing as a revelation I have to admit.Dominating more than we very often summarize the practice of yoga to that of body postures while doing exercises only with the fingers, it is also yoga!

To act on the circulation of energy it is necessary to perform a very precise positioning of the fingers (it could not be so simple) called mudras. In Sanskrit it means gesture, sign, dialogue, exchange and collaboration with energies. I would point out that in this article we mainly discuss mudras that are made with hands. Because a mudra can be a position that involves all or part of the body.

Each finger corresponds to an element: Agni (Fire) corresponds to the thumb, Vayu (Air) to the index finger, Akasha (ether or Space) to the middle finger, Prithvi (Earth) to the ring finger and Jala (Water) to the little finger. This is why the association of certain fingers during the practice of hasta mudra (mudra of the hands) makes us collaborate with the natural elements of the universe, of which our body is constituted.Ayurveda considers that diseases are caused by an imbalance of one or more of these elements.

Time for practice

Hand exercises can be practiced in many situations of everyday life. Think about it in transport, watching a movie, chatting with someone, practicing asanas or meditating. Discipline is required as to its best preventive action. You have to practice the same mudra for at least 40 days to fully feel its effect. 

These exercises must be seen as a work of reflexology. So be careful not to press very hard, a simple contact will allow the energy to flow and the too strong pressure will block the nādīs. By fully bringing your consciousness to this or these points of contact you can observe different reactions (feeling of heat, attraction, repulsion, tingling …). Initially it is necessary to practice mudra for a long time, 45 minutes should be enough to feel an effect. As soon as our body has recognized this gesture and assimilated it, there comes a moment when a few seconds are more than enough to circulate the energy. Not to mention that sometimes it is not because you do not feel anything, that nothing happens!

Adhi Mudra

Adhi mudra is considered the originalmudra. Indeed, from birth babies do it naturally with their hands.
It is recommended to practice this mudra in a sitting position. The thumb is positioned inside the palm of the hand, at the base of the little finger and the fingers are closed around it. So we make a soft fist that we will put palm down. By focusing on his breathing for the duration of the practice.
This mudra will allow the healing energy to travel to the head, neck and throat. It increases lung capacity and relaxes the nervous system.

Chinmaya mudra

Chinmaya mudra is considered the mudra of consciousness.
To achieve this, we position the tip of our thumb in contact with the tip of the index finger, very smoothly. The other fingers are then brought back to the palm of the hand. In a sitting position, we can place our hand on our knee, palm down (energy circuit closed inwards) or palm up (energy circuit open outwards). Focus your attention on the breath.
This gesture will regulate the energy of the thoracic region, help digestion, insomnia and concentration.

With that, I’ll let you experiment on your own to discover the multiple powers that are just in your hands with the thousands of other possible combinations!

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