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Welcome to Our Universe

Explorer from the inside as from the outside.


If you end up here, there is no coincidence !


Looking for answer ?
In a reconquest with yourself ?
An urgent need of well-being ?
Maybe we have just been pointed ? 


Whatever the reason that lead you here, you will sure find some answers..

Let us be Calm Joyful Relaxed Silent Loved Grateful Together

A Human Value Project

Yatri Yoga was born from an idealistic and modest dream
to regain harmony with that Life that we are living.


Restore deep meaning and rebuild self-confidence is essential to find peace.


In order to live this adventure, we chose sharing,
language of the heart, support, discipline, will. 


Not to forget unconditional love..

You are Unique Alive Free Beautiful Fulfilled Wonderful

Let's Go Further

Take a quick look at the blog,
these posts might enlighten your vision about yoga.


An amazing notion, a sacred philosophy,
spirituality at the world’s center, a lifetime experience !


What are the different types of Yoga ?
Learn to meditate ?
Where does this lifestyle come from ? 
Prana, samadhi, chakra…  What is it about ?

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