A Service According to your Needs


The Beauty of life gives us opportunities to improve ourselves during that Earth’s existence. Who has never lived difficulties with money or the loss of a loved one ? We all cursed because it was ‘unfair’. It is totally fine for us, emotional human beings, to feel frustrated when it is not going according to plan.


The support we supply has that goal to use Yoga as a tool to liberate people from that emotional influence caused by an agitated mind.


Reach a state of letting-go and allow to reconnect to Life. Learn (again) to let ourselves be guided by our essence, our inner Self, also called ‘intuition’. Cultivate a global well-being to an harmony body, mind, soul, through various practices :


  • Asana – postures

  • Pranayama – breathing

  • Méditation – introspection

  • Mudras – gestures

  • Bandhas – releasing

  • Mantra – chant

  • Kriyas – cleansing


Availability 24/7


For you and by you !


Any problems that occur, you are in charge, and we make ourselves available.


We dedicate sessions together to comprehension and examination of the individual issues – why does one face some kind of situations, how to deal with these key steps and improve one’s everyday life and relations with others, figure out why the body is painful and learn how to manage pain through yoga.


So we would be able to build and share a new perspective on Life.


What are we waiting for to enjoy life like we never did ?

” Yoga Philosophy is a tool to be Healthy Physically, in Peace Mentally and in Growth Spiritually “
Swami Rama