A time for yourself

need a break surrounded by nature ?
want to take care of yourself  ?
(Re)learn to unit with the body ?
live an immersive experience into yoga ?



Well that is made for you !


everyone of us in our own way, we are walking on various paths, however we are going in the same direction →


we sometimes face hindrances that make us questioning our choices. We might feel lost or frustrated. indignation and anger may arise within ourselves. 
That makes us humans !


during these meetings we share together about our doubts, our concerns but also about our personal success and strengths. we create a context that favours human  development in which we are able to find solutions to our everyday life issues and  reconnect to our soul. 


a part to play


we all have a part to play down here !


through yoga, we can reach harmony by calming the continuous flow of thoughts. fears and worries limiting us are only illusions from an agitated mind ; we are able to get rid of it by changing our thinking habits learnt through our life.


we all have the ability to make our everyday life more colorful and more tasteful.


we plan trainings all year long on different topics in relation with wellness. These are great opportunities to deepen our practice and our vision about yoga and life.


For all tastes and for all budgets 💰🙂 

Hatha Yoga Weekend
Friday, October 14th
Sunday, October 16th, 2022
3 days all inclusive

Training in french


    ” Travel is about leaving to discover others, and the first unknown person is myself “
    Olivier Föllmi